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Through JW Printables, we hope to extend as much love and joy as possible to our brothers and sisters around the world by giving free printables to Jehovah’s Witnesses everywhere. Submitting a free JW or Bible Themed printable to this website is easy. Simply contact us using the form below with details about the printable you’d like to extend to our spiritual family and we’ll respond very soon to discuss more details with you. All of our printables are free, whether they are submitted by loving friends or created by us personally.

Before You Submit,
Please Check That The Printable…


We cannot accept designs that feature graphics, logos or publication images, etc. taken directly from the website. Everything on the official website for Jehovah’s Witnesses is copyrighted and we don’t wish to infringe on the copyright of the organization. Re-productions or artistic interpretations of characters, books, etc. are fine but they must not be taken directly from the website and must have been directly designed or illustrated by you.


All printables must be legally owned by you, or you must have the right to re-distribute them. This includes use of any graphics, fonts, illustrations, textures, etc. that you may have used to create the printable. Please be sure that you have every permission to share your creations and all of the elements that went into them.


All of our printables are designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses to encourage and bring joy to the faces of our brothers and sisters and to extend love to them. For this reason, all printables should be Bible themed or something that JWs can use in their ministry, family worship, as convention gifts, etc. We do not accept printables that aim to teach or instruct others.


All the printables on our website are free to download, so for this reason we ask that you help us keep this theme going by making & keeping your printable free for all to download and use for personal use.


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Additional Info


Additional Information

  • We will publish your printable on our website in the style of our website images and to our social media accounts so that others can find and access it.
  • We will brand any submitted images we use in the posts with our logo for security reasons.
  • We may print out and take photos of the printable you provide to include in the post, or (if you’d like to help us out more) you can take and provide physical photos of the printable yourself.
  • We may need to contact you to in the event that a request comes in for a translated version of the printable. Since the design is yours, you can let us know if you’d like to have it available for translation or not.
  • Submission requires that you have a social account of some kind so that we can verify your identity and also so that we can provide a credit in the post along with the design. Credits will appear at the beginning of each post and will say something like “This printable was graciously submitted by (name) in (location) from the ___ congregation” and will link to a social page.
  • We may brand a printable you provide with our website logo (along side your own branding if you wish to include it) so that the origin of the printable will always be view-able. This helps more people to find our website and download more freebies themselves while also preventing the freebie from being re-sold or re-distributed!



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