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When we started this little personal project, we had no idea of how far reaching the visitors to our website would be! Friends from all over the world have visited this website.

As a family based in the lower USA, it’s very exciting to see visitors from Australia, Canada and China send us messages and emails and stop by to say hello or download a printable.


In fact, it’s so exciting for us we thought it might be fun to have a place on the website where all of our visitors can see where other brothers and sisters have come from too! The world map on this page actually updates in real-time, every time someone visits the website. The little dots show where in the world they’re visiting from and you can scroll over the dots with your mouse to see the exact location someone visited from. Pretty cool!

We’re looking forward to seeing this little map fill up with all the many visitors we get to the website. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Thank you for your love in stopping by!

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