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FotS: Abraham’s Meal For Angels
FotS: Abraham in the City of Ur
FotS: The Garden of Eden

What is FotS?

“Feasting on the Scriptures” is like taking a delicious trip back in time to the days of the Bible. Imagine tasting the same foods that people enjoyed thousands of years ago while learning about history and culture from the Bible.

It’s a way to use one of our favorite senses – taste – to experience what life was like in Biblical times. Some of the recipes come straight from ancient texts and archaeological finds, giving us a direct link to the past. Others use ingredients we know were around back then but are presented in a modern way so we can enjoy them today.

Whether you’re interested in history, love to cook, or just want to try something new, “Feasting on the Scriptures” lets you explore the flavors and stories of the Bible in a whole new way.

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