Recurring Series

What Are Series?

Recurring Series are printables that are released weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. They have a common theme that can be easily followed. You’ll be able to find all of our recurring printable series right here.

Feel free to come back whenever you want and download them as many times as you like. We really hope these resources help you on your spiritual journey and bring you closer to Jehovah.

Active Series

Pursuit of Truth™

It’s a DIY magazine that encourages teens to dive into the Bible and do research about topics that are important to them so they can form their own bible-based opinions.

Daily Text Handwriting

A monthly handwriting activity that allows handwriting practice of the scriptures in the Daily Text


• Printing Practice (kids)
• Cursive Practice (teens/pre)
• Handwriting improvement (teens/adults)

Gems & Pearls™

A visual study aid that takes your study notes and organizes them into a visually appealing system that you can expand upon or revisit at any time.

Scribing Through The Scriptures™

A creative writing guide that helps you combine what you see in your mind’s eye with Bible facts to make biblical accounts & persons more real to you.

Eden to Paradise™

A guided tool that helps you think more deeply about the persons you’ll soon meet in the new world, in the promised resurrection.

Common Threads™

Nature lovers, this is a guided tool that helps you take a closer look at the relationships between humans and creation and how they teach us about Jehovah.

Completed Series

None yet! 🙂

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