What Happens When I Unsubscribe?

We’re so sad to hear that you’re thinking of leaving us. Your time with us, no matter how brief, has added something special to our community. Your contribution has been significant, and although we understand that life changes, we’ll miss having you here.

Here’s what happens:
  • Account Deletion: Your account will be deleted within 7 days.
  • Unsubscribed Status: You will be removed from our website and its email notifications.
  • Account Access: Access to your account will be revoked.
  • Printable Access: Any unlocked printables will no longer be accessible.
  • Supporter Membership Perks: Supporter Membership perks will be forfeited.
Before You Go:

If you are a Monthly Supporter or have unlocked printables, we recommend taking these steps before unsubscribing:

Remember, unsubscribing won’t automatically cancel monthly donations. You can cancel those here.

Still Ready To Unsubscribe?

Should you choose to unsubscribe and leave our community, simply click the link below. Remember, our doors are always open, and we’d be thrilled to welcome you back whenever you decide to return.

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